Parking limited to one side of Taylor Avenue in East Brunswick


Drivers circle around the Market Yard parking lot around 8pm on June 3 looking for an available spot to park their car.

EAST BRUNSWICK–The Township Council adopted an ordinance that will amend the municipal code authorizing no parking on Taylor Avenue.

“Taylor Avenue is a tight road when cars are parked on both sides of the roadway, and basically is impeding thru-traffic. It is especially dangerous during snow conditions when the township’s snowplows are trying to keep that roadway clear,” Business Administrator Joseph Criscuolo said during the council’s April 12 meeting.

Although members of the East Brunswick Police Department have been encouraging people to get their vehicles off the street, the township is requesting the council make it no parking on one side of the road, Criscuolo said.

“We don’t want to eliminate parking on that roadway totally, we just don’t want it on both sides of the street. The concern about emergency services and this recommendation was made in conjunction with the East Brunswick Police Department after their review of the area,” Criscuolo said. “They deem it necessary for emergency services, and for snow removal, because that roadway is just too narrow when there’s parking on both sides of the street.”

The council approved and adopted the ordinance authorizing that the entire length of Taylor Avenue will not allow parking on one side of the road during the council meeting on April 26 via video conference.

Taylor Avenue is located behind the East Brunswick Racquet Club, Shoppers World and the Amazing Savings store.

Before the ordinance was approved, Councilman Michael Spadafino asked Criscuolo if the residents who live on Taylor Avenue were made aware of this ordinance.

“First of all, no parking signs will be posted and Chief of Police Frank LoSacco has communicated with them on numerous occasions about residents parking on that roadway, especially around time periods when we know that there’s going to be snow. The police have gone over and told them please tell your residents to not park there,” Criscuolo said.

This ordinance will take effect 20 days after final adoption and publication, according to law.

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