Why don’t all the late night shows have live audiences?


Question: I’m very confused. Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel have had live audiences for two months. Stephen Colbert is back in his theater. Why are James Corden and Seth Meyers still without live audiences? They are all much more entertaining with a responsive group. —Steve

Matt Roush: Both Seth Meyers and James Corden have given interviews recently suggesting they’re in no rush to bring live audiences back to their late-late shows, enjoying the freedom of their new formats and hoping to preserve some of that looseness when the time comes to welcome people back into their studios. I’d expect both hosts will play to audiences again in the fall, if things continue returning to normalcy without another setback. While I agree that it’s not as much fun watching hosts lob jokes into a vacuum, there is something encouraging in watching them play with the format, which is easier to do when you air while most of us are asleep.

Question: Will there be a Season 4 for Amazon Prime Video’s Goliath? I loved
this series, but we left it in a cliffhanger. —Unsigned

Matt Roush: A fourth, and final, season of Goliath has been ordered — no timetable yet — so we’ll get one more chance to see Billy Bob Thornton in this appealing underdog role.

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