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Jackson planners approve parcel’s subdivision for new homes

JACKSON – The Jackson Planning Board has approved an application that proposed subdividing an 11-acre lot into 21 residential lots on Grawtown Road.

The property that is the subject of the application is on the north side of Grawtown Road, just west of Whitesville Road. The site contains a home and a horse farm and is in Jackson’s Regional Growth zone (RG-2).

The applicant, Solomon Zolty Investments, was seeking major subdivision approval and is proposing to construct 20 single-family homes on individual lots and four affordable housing units on one lot.

Affordable housing is defined as housing that is sold or rented at below market rates to individuals and families whose income meets certain guidelines. New Jersey municipalities are under court order to provide opportunities for the development of affordable housing within their borders.

The minimum lot size in the RG-2 zone is 10,000 square feet (approximately a quarter-acre) and all of the proposed lots complied with that requirement so no variances were being sought, according to the applicant.

The single-family residential lots will each have a custom built home, according to the application.

The Solomon Zolty Investments application was heard in July and the public hearing resumed on Aug. 16. Attorney Adam Pfeffer and engineer Ian Borden represented the applicant.

Borden reviewed three points that had been discussed in July.

“We asked to do three things at the July meeting. First, we had provided an off-street parking lot with eight spaces in it, which meets the Residential Site Improvement Standards for parking for the four (affordable housing) units. There were some dimensional errors on the plan … so we corrected that,” Borden said.

He said the parking that is being provided at the subdivision complies with Jackson’s ordinance.

“Second, we had added some landscaping, some foundation plantings to the front of the affordable housing units, as well as the required screen plantings around the garbage bin.

“Lastly, we provided a fenced enclosure of approximately 2,000 square feet. It is my opinion that is substantial, with a play structure shown inside next to the parking area for the affordable housing units so that will be available for all the residents,” Borden said.

With no additional outstanding issues, a motion was made to approve the Solomon Zolty Investments application and board members voted in the affirmative.

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