Should I get attached to any new shows?

Question: As I look at TV Guide Magazine’s Fall Preview issue, I’m reminded of the many shows that I’ve loved which have gotten canceled without a resolution. With all the platforms now, why should I watch live vs waiting to see if the show is a success and watching it later? —Frannie G.

Matt Roush: Even streamers cancel shows from time to time — it’s just more noticeable when a network yanks a show. I always argue that it’s better to have loved and lost a show than never to have watched something of quality at all. Obviously, it’s your choice whether to wait to get hooked on something, but if everyone adopts that attitude, it becomes a self-defeating prophecy that will only further doom network shows that might be worth watching.

Question: My family loved the summer retro game shows that recreated the look and sound of shows like Match Game. When will they get around to recreating Hollywood Squares? —Michal J.

Matt Roush: There have been several syndicated revivals, most recently from 1998-2004 with Tom Bergeron hosting, and hip-hop and Nashville spinoffs, but if the classic Hollywood Squares does make a comeback, maybe some of those Jeopardy! guest hosts can take up residence there.

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