Opinion: Hughes and Bolger have solutions for improving congestion on Route 130

Candidates Night hosted by the Woman’s Club of Cranbury is one of the many things that makes Cranbury a great place to live.

We are blessed with four very capable and willing candidates for Township Committee as revealed by the forum on Oct. 12.
The choice is difficult due to the quality of the candidates. For me though, it is clear as only two candidates addressed the problem of traffic on Route 130. This traffic congestion can be solved by the Liberty Way Bridge. Currently the traffic is a source of energy waste, pollution, and inefficiency.

While one candidate thought the committee should address climate change, she offered no concrete ideas. But candidates Bob Bolger and Cynthia Hughes recognized that even in a tiny way improving traffic on Route 130 will negate humankind’s impact on climate change. The bridge will alleviate the congestion on Route 130.

By doing so the improvement will add to the quality of life of not only Cranbury residents but also for our neighbors traveling Route 130.

That is way I am voting for Hughes and Bolger.

John Affel