Opinion: Imran Bukhari will focus on mental health and deeper education if elected to South Brunswick Board of Education

As a South Brunswick resident of 23 years and mother of two boys who went through the South Brunswick Public Schools system, I want to encourage everyone to consider voting for Imran Bukhari for Board of Education.
How fortunate we are in this community to have a young Rutgers University student, who not too long ago went through this very same school system of South Brunswick and is now studying business with special focus in finance and politics running for a seat.
I have known Imran since his middle school years when he was helping his two older sisters and mother while involved within the South Brunswick Commission on Women and other events.
Imran definitely learned what it means to have passion, be empathetic and well spoken when expressing and addressing concerns such as mental health problems and handling social media. He urges for more counselors and deeper education as to mental health problems, diseases and suicide.
The challenges brought to all young people during the pandemic studying at home and missing daily contact with their peers as much as handling and growing speedy into the advanced technologies of communication, Imran is and was right in midst of it. His interest in finance will add an additional plus to his skills as Board of Education members need to have a profound understanding of handling and allocating the taxpayers’ money wisely and put it into context with the needs of all involved in the education of our South Brunswick kids.
He believes “there needs to be more emphasis on learning personal finance beyond the one required course and more emphasis on career exploration. These skills do not necessarily need to have their own course, instead, they could be integrated into different disciplines throughout a student’s education. Incorporating a strong civics education curriculum is necessary, with a particular emphasis on state and local politics. We need to teach students how to be well-informed active citizens in their community.”
Please vote for Imran Bukhari for Board of Education, the youngest of the candidates. He will not disappoint the expectations and be a great addition to the team working together with members more than twice as old as him.
He is the No. 1 indeed.
Margit Haas-Rethage
Commissioner, South Brunswick Commission on Women
South Brunswick