Preliminary Bordentown election results

Voting on Election Day, voting ballot

The most recent election results available by press time were posted by Burlington County at 1:30 a.m. Nov. 3 for the General Election that took place on Nov. 2.

For the Bordentown Township Committee, Republican Nicholas J. D’Angelo received 1,905 votes, or 24%. Republican Robert S. Delaney received 1,837 votes, or 23%. Democrat Steve Benowitz received 2,003 votes, or 26%. Democrat Eric Holliday received 1,963 votes, or 25%.

For the Bordentown Regional School Board election, Bordentown City had one representative on the ballot, Michael T. James, who received 799 votes, or 97% of the total. There were 24 write-in votes.

Bordentown Township had three candidates on the ballot for the school board. Katherine Taylor Clark received 2,061 votes, or 42%. Ryan Cody received 1,454 votes, or 30%. Richard Ian Carpenter received 1,362 votes, or 27%. There were 17 write-in votes.

Two seats are available.

Tallies will continue to be updated as mail-in ballots are counted.

Election results are not official until certified by Burlington County.