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When is ‘This Is Us’ coming back?

Question: What has become of This Is Us? Will it return in January? —Rachel

Matt Roush: While this may seem obvious to many, it’s a fact that TV scheduling is often confusing. In this case, it was known early on that NBC was holding This Is Us till midseason, in part so the show could air straight through to the end without significant interruption. The networks haven’t officially announced many dates yet for the 2022 midseason, but you can count on This Is Us to return Tuesday, Jan. 4, once La Brea wraps. And it will be the show’s final season, which was always the plan.

Question: I love Lior Raz of Fauda and was looking forward to watching his new show Hit & Run, but the show has been canceled! I am dying to watch this show, but why should I? —Michael R.

Matt Roush: If you’re that big a fan, I’d use the old adage that forewarned is forearmed and go for it. You already know this is all there is, so it’s not like you’ll be shocked when you get to the end, or any more disappointed about Netflix’s decision. This is the same argument I use when people ask why they should ever watch another TV show when one of their favorites gets canceled. For all of the frustration, I figure I at least had the experience of enjoying the show for the time it was on.

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