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Modern techniques needed to preserve park

Topanemus Park in Freehold Township is an Audubon and Cornell University bird reporting hotspot. The joint commission and ordinance state that the park is to be maintained for the benefit of Freehold Township and Freehold Borough residents.

We have so little preserved land left in our immediate area. Ballfields and lawns are not natural habitat.

At Topanemus, planted wildlife habitat areas rim New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) funded Green Acres. This is distinctive in purpose and natural form. Bird habitat and monarch butterfly meadow need a more refined strategy.

Trees, berries and habitation refuge are not a bad thing to a downy woodpecker.

The area razed recently was labeled a “positive” improvement. We disagree. The wildlife habitat DEP promised is incompatible with the unnecessary and negative work performed. We need to raise the bar.

Modern techniques, materials and design can be employed in an environmentally conforming fashion. We need to choose how we proceed for the next generation. Nature can win when we use our possible talents.

Joseph J. Ferdinando
Freehold Township

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