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Princeton-raised singer Alex Fam to perform at Small World Coffee with accompanying art exhibit

Alex Fam, a singer and songwriter raised in Princeton, will be performing her latest record, “Real Life Magic,” on April 22 at Small World Coffee on Nassau Street.

The accompanying art exhibit will be displayed at the coffee shop from April 8 to May 1.


Recorded during the pandemic in Lowell, Massachusetts, where she currently resides, the album includes Fam’s original songs that weave together harmonies, violin, ukelele and guitar playing.

Many of the songs also include musical contributions from her family members and friends.


The album title reflects Fam’s idea of being grounded and present in reality, while also being open to finding magic in every ordinary moment. 


“I find magic everywhere,” Fam said. “I’m a whimsical person, and in the past few years, I’ve embraced myself more as an artist. I believe there is beauty to be found everywhere, and there is much magic in sharing my music and inspiring others through it.”


The visual art exhibit displays mosaic-style collages that accompany each song in the album. Many of the songs and artwork are inspired by nature, and are meant to evoke “rich harmonies of sweet honey bees inviting you to view life through a lens of wonder.”


“I grew up in the Princeton area, and I spent a lot of time outdoors,” said Fam. “Whenever I appreciate nature, I always think of how it relates to my life: I try to find spiritual insight from the growth of trees and the beautiful fall foliage.”


Nature has always been a large influence to the spirited musician, as Fam frequently uses natural elements, like leaves and twigs, in her stop motion videos, music videos, songs, and art pieces.

Her first record, “Come Close,” was released in 2019, and she has since released two singles and toured across the Northeast to perform her music.

Earlier this year, she became the recipient of the Unitarian Universalist Mass Action “Ruth Rowan Award” for actively engaging in social justice through music. 


Outside of music, Fam is a speech-language pathologist in the autism strand of the Boston Public Schools. She uses music as a way to connect with people who have lost language due to brain injury and children with difficulty developing language skills, and inspires them to share their own creative ideas. 


“Real Life Magic” was released on April 1. For more information, visit www.alexfammusic.com


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