Eatontown council adopts bond ordinance to fund improvements


EATONTOWN – The members of the Borough Council in Eatontown have adopted a bond ordinance that will appropriate $2.74 million to fund planned capital improvements in the municipality.

The ordinance was adopted on July 27. The legislation will authorize the issuance of $1.96 million in bonds or notes to finance part of the cost of the planned improvements.

According to the ordinance, the total appropriation of $2.74 million includes the receipt of $680,100 in grants. Two grants from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) are in the amount of $332,000 and $300,000. A grant from the Monmouth County Open Space Program is in the amount of $48,000. A down payment of $103,350 will cover the remaining costs.

According to the ordinance, $1.47 million will be allocated to fund road and drainage improvements ($792,300 in bonds or notes, $632,000 in DOT grants and a down payment of $41,700).

Road improvements will be made to Holly Glenn Way, Downtown Eatontown Greenway and Industrial Way West.

Drainage improvements will be made to the municipal parking lot, at Wolcott Park and at Husky Brook Park.

The improvements include excavation, milling, paving, reconstruction and boxing out or full depth pavement replacement, sealing of pavement cracks and associated repair and/or installation of curbs, curb ramps, sidewalks, driveway aprons, resetting of utility castings, road painting, and aesthetic improvements, according to the ordinance.

According to the ordinance, the $332,000 grant will be used for the Industrial Way West improvements and the $300,000 grant will be used for the Downtown Eatontown Greenway improvements.

And, $779,100 of the total appropriation will be allocated toward machinery and equipment ($740,145 in bonds or notes and a down payment of $38,955).

According to the ordinance, the appropriation is for the acquisition and installation or improvements to machinery and equipment for various divisions of the Department of Public Works, including a hook lift truck with dump body, plow and spreader, street sweeper, mini excavator, 30-yard open top dumpsters, refurbishment of Truck 59 and improvements to the fuel management system.

A document provided by Eatontown officials indicates $261,700 will be allocated toward vehicles and equipment ($248,615 in bonds or notes and a down payment of $13,085).

That appropriation is for the acquisition and installation of non-passenger vehicles and equipment for various departments, including office furniture and computer hardware and software, mobile video recorders, non-passenger vehicles and less lethal weapons for the police department; self-contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging cameras, a new fire hose, turnout gear and a sport utility vehicle for the fire department; and road barricades, a communication board with radar and warning lights, and traffic control devices for the Office of Emergency Management, according to the ordinance.

Municipal officials said $240,200 will be allocated toward public buildings and facilities ($182,590 in bonds or notes, the $48,000 grant from Monmouth County and a down payment of $9,610).

The appropriation is for general capital improvements to the exterior and interior of various public buildings and facilities, and the installation of equipment and non-passenger vehicles, including the installation of a new key system for Borough Hall, renovations and/or repairs to the maintenance shop and Historical Museum, the replacement of carpet and installation of fire doors and walls at the municipal building, the construction of an outdoor shed for the community center and preschool, the replacement of tables and chairs at the senior center, the acquisition of a scanner for the tax assessor and a chair for the tax collector, the replacement of recreational equipment at various parks and improvements to the Nicodemus Park splash pad.

The $48,000 grant from the county is for the improvements to the splash pad, according to the ordinance.