Hopewell Township resident supports values of Peters-Manning, Chait


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On Sept. 24, Hopewell Township residents will begin receiving mail-in ballots for this year’s election. Whether you vote by mail, take advantage of early voting from Oct. 29
through Nov. 6, or vote in person on Nov. 8, I encourage you to reelect Mayor
Courtney Peters-Manning and Committee Member David Chait to the Hopewell Township

Courtney and David have worked tirelessly this year for the benefit of all Hopewell Township residents. The capstone of their work is a rarity — a property tax reduction. In a year when prices for everything seem to keep going up, it’s great to see something — our taxes — go down.

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And what about their opponents? We know two things about them. First, they have a slogan of “Hopewell Values,” still trying to uncover what that means. And second, they went door to door with the Republican candidate for Congress, a self-described [President Donald] Trump Republican and election denier.

As for Courtney and David, they have told us their shared values — welcoming, responsive, financially disciplined, and environmental champions. Through their work on the Committee, they have shown us those values in action.

Furthermore, I think it’s safe to say that Courtney and David, along with the overwhelming majority of Hopewell Township residents, be they Democrats, Republicans or unaffiliated voters, accept the results of the 2020 election.

If you want to follow an election denier, that’s certainly your right. But I don’t think that reflects our values.

Please join me in reelecting Courtney Peters-Manning and David Chait to the Hopewell Township Committee.

Jodi Viaud

Hopewell Valley

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