Hopewell Township deputy mayor supports Peters-Manning, Chait in November election


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I have had the privilege of serving on the Hopewell Township Committee with Mayor Courtney Peters-Manning and Committee Member David Chait. Courtney and David have offered thoughtful responses to questions asked by various publications and even more information on their campaign website. Their statements show they are serious, intelligent, and dedicated public servants.

I would like to share a few personal observations.

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Courtney is one of the hardest working people I know. No matter what the issue, Courtney gives it her all and perseveres until she succeeds. Her leadership in demanding state involvement with Trenton Water Works is a recent example.

As mayor, Courtney sometimes receives hostile emails. She and I have spoken about these kinds of communications and, frankly, I have seen some that I would ignore. But not Courtney. She picks up the phone or turns to the keyboard and reaches out. It is not always easy to take the heat as mayor, but that has never stopped Courtney from doing what is necessary.

David has truly contributed to the Committee in his first year. He jumped in to every issue and offered thoughtful comments and suggestions. For example, he reached out to mapping companies to ensure the GPS instructions for trucks show the restrictions on Bear Tavern Road. He was the driving force behind the township’s new no-knock ordinance, something that was suggested several years ago and resurrected under his leadership. And unlike the rest of the Township Committee, he was willing to take a turn in the dunk tank at National Night Out in August!

The fact that Courtney and David do so much for the community while holding full-time jobs and raising their families is even more impressive.

I am fortunate to work with them and to learn from them. I hope you will join me in re-electing Courtney Peters-Manning and David Chat to the Hopewell Township Committee.

Michael Ruger
Deputy Mayor, Hopewell Township

The views expressed in this letter are those of the author and not the Hopewell Township Committee.

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