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The State We’re In 11/15: Bike (mostly) off-road from NYC to Philly next spring

By Michele S. Byers Since colonial times, the route from New York City to Philadelphia has been a well-traveled corridor, with most of its miles...

Letter to the Editor: Save Westminster!

For the last three years, President Dell’Omo and the Rider University Board of Trustees have pursued a disastrous program, attempting to sell the Princeton...

Solutions 11/8: Choosing profits over environments

By Huck Fairman Near the end of the hottest year on record, and as new warnings of accelerating sea level rise are emerging, three large...

The State We’re In 11/8: Open space trust funds keep New Jersey green

By Michele S. Byers You’ve probably heard the bad jokes about New Jersey’s traffic, toxic waste, turnpike exits and bad smells. But what about the Garden...

The State We’re In 11/1: Where do the wild things go?

By Michele S. Byers Winter is coming and wildlife is getting ready. New Jersey’s wild animals – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and more – have many...

Solutions 11/1: What you can do

By Huck Fairman If you are wondering what you can possibly do about local, national or global problems, some very useful and personable guidance was...

Solutions 10/18: Climate Crisis – A global catastrophe

By Huck Fairman While a majority in this country are rightly focused on investigating our corrupt President and his unprincipled associates, and other citizens are...

The State We’re In 10/18: Energy efficiency crucial for New Jersey’s future

By Michele S. Byers Imagine two light bulbs side by side. One is a 12-watt LED bulb and the other is traditional 60-watt incandescent. When...

Letter to the Editor: Native pollinator gardens

To the Editor, You have the key to unlock the tool chest to rejuvenate and save the most basic foundation needed to support human life. “And...

The State We’re In 10/11: Massive bird losses should be ‘a rallying call to...

By Michele S. Byers Bird watchers all over New Jersey have been feeling something amiss. "I see lots of backyard birds like cardinals and robins, but...

Solutions 10/11: Preserving a neighborhood environment

By Huck Fairman This column has mostly reported on environmental challenges and responses, local, regional and global. The town of Princeton, and its institutions, have been...

Letter to the Editor: Notice from League of Women Voters for

To the Editor: New Jersey voters can learn non-partisan information about candidates by going to the League of Women Voters’ online guide at By entering...

The State We’re In 10/4: Global youth demand climate action

By Michele S. Byers The signs said it all: “There’s no Planet B.” “The world is changing, why aren’t we?” “Our home is on fire.”...

Letter to the Editor: Cokie Roberts

To the Editor, Cokie Roberts was a classmate of mine at Wellesley in 1964.  When I moved to Princeton, I became a political advisor and...

Solutions 9/27: Climate Strikes – Here and around the world

By Huck Fairman Hinds Plaza in Princeton was filled on Sept. 20 with those aware that the climate crisis threatens the world and cries out...

The State We’re In 9/27: Get rid of the ‘bad apples’ of land conservation

By Michele S. Byers Farmers have long known that one rotten apple is enough to spoil the whole bunch. In the land conservation business, a couple...

The State We’re In 9/20: A huge victory for preserved land in NJ and...

By Michele S. Byers The land conservation community in New Jersey was stunned five years ago when the private, for-profit PennEast pipeline company announced plans...

Solutions 9/20: What should we do?

By Huck Fairman Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, presented another important talk, this time summarizing not only where we are on...
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