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Opinion: Afghan refugees are carefully vetted before entering the U.S.

  In a recent letter (Refugees will change voting demographics, Oct. 1) about the arrival in the U.S. of refugees from Afghanistan, Ira Marks expresses...

RIP PennEast!

By Michele S. Byers If long-tailed salamanders, northern long-eared bats, and the other creatures of forests, fields and marshes could throw a party, they’d be...

Solutions 10/1: We are warming faster

By Huck Fairman Scientists warn, as many readers know, that if we reach a 2-Celsius degree increase in temperature globally, we may not be able...

SOLUTIONS 9/24: Changes in Weather, Energy & Diet

By Huck Fairman Anyone paying attention to the news lately cannot have missed reports of environmental changes to our world and of our responses to...

Opinion: Refugees will change voting demographics

“Give us you’re tired, you’re poor, you’re Democratic voters.” A Sept. 1 report from the Wall Street Journal states that “The U.S. State Department estimates...

SOLUTIONS: Are Adults Failing Us?

By Huck Fairman The New York Times recently printed an Op-Ed piece by Greta Thunberg and colleagues from Mexico, Bangladesh and Kenya that amplified the...

Solutions: An environmental ditty

By Huck Fairman We live on a planet both large and small. There is so much, as we know, to it all. So much has chance and...

Your Turn: Category 5 Cornado warning issued in Lawrence

    What do members of Lawrence’s first official cornhole league do when they are faced with countless county-wide tornado warnings on the same night as...

SOLUTIONS 8/6: Our Burning Earth

By  Huck Fairman Many, if not most, in our region have been aware of the climate crisis. Many, but far from most, have turned to...

SOLUTIONS 7/30: Packaging That Doesn’t Poison Our Environment

By Huck Fairman We all purchase food, drinks and items that often come to us in plastics. Yet most of us are aware that studies have...

SOLUTIONS 7/9: The D&R Greenway Land Trust – Environmental Leader

The D&R Greenway Land Trust, the region's unofficial land steward reaching in many directions to preserve and enhance our environments, has recently launched two...

SOLUTIONS 7/2: Capturing Carbon – Ideas Large and Small

By Huck Fairman Most local readers know about the climate crisis we face, and they recognize that we have limited time to reduce emissions before...

SOLUTIONS 6/11: Composting Organics

By Huck Fairman As many residents remember, Princeton had a recycling program for food and organic waste collected by private companies, which then sold that...

Opinion: Setting the record straight on uptick in anti-Semitism

  We are all saddened by the loss of civilian life during the recent Israel/Hamas conflict. Demonizing Israel and solely blaming it mischaracterizes the recent conflict....

SOLUTIONS 5/21: The New Jersey Clean Energy Program

By Huck Fairman New Jersey's Clean Energy Program presented on a Zoom meeting by local Sierra Club member, Kip Cherry and several associates. New Jersey’s Clean...

Solutions: State moves toward eliminating single-use plastics

Many are aware of the problems plastics cause in our environments. They threaten, and indeed kill, animals living in water bodies. They obstruct healthy...

Opinion: Children must return to in-person learning

In-person learning is essential to every school-age child. While the pandemic affected how children have learned since March 2020, districts in Mercer County have...

SOLUTIONS 4/23: Warnings and Necessary Steps

By Huck Fairman In the last week, warnings from several sources were issued about the planet’s future. And along with them came strong recommendations for...
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