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LOOSE ENDS 8/7: Jackie Fay – Grit + Polish

By Pam Hersh My daily walks, generally stress relieving, have become stress inducing, as I walk the streets of downtown Princeton and pass an increasing...

LOOSE ENDS 7/31: Shin-Yi Lin, Eagleton Institute Fellow

By Pam Hersh A few weeks ago, I had the honor of Zooming into a Rutgers University graduation that featured only four graduates, all accomplished...

Black Parents Affinity Group angry over principal’s response to explicit video

We, members of the Princeton Public School’s (PPS) Black Parents Affinity Group, express our concern and anger regarding recent events involving the publication of...

Opinion: The case for virtual schooling

All throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of high schoolers across the United        States logged on online video platforms, like Google Meet...

LOOSE ENDS 7/24: John Weingart: Plagues and Pandemics: A Musical Tradition

By Pam Hersh My longtime friend John Weingart, associate director at the Rutgers University Eagleton Institute of Politics, has a knack for delving into topics...

Opinion: In the fight for equality and justice, the term ‘freeholder’ must go

If everything stays on track, by the end of July the New Jersey Legislature will pass my legislation to rename the "Board of Chosen...

Opinion: Parents react to Princeton’s reopening plans for schools; advocate virtual learning for the...

We appreciate the care and thought that has gone into the preliminary reopening plan for the Princeton Public Schools. However, without a doubt, our family...

Comet Neowise illustrates the importance of dark skies

Since the earliest days of human civilization, the night sky has been a source of fascination and mystery. Ancient star-gazers saw human and animal...

SOLUTIONS 7/17: Our Changing World

By Huck Fairman A tropical storm came ashore near Atlantic City and blew up along much of the Mid-Atlantic coast, flooding roads and fields. High...

Opinion: Social distancing – Am I too close?

Our world has turned into something out of a dystopian novel. Crossing the street when we see someone walking towards us, working from home,...

Opinion: Neighbors of Franklin/Maple site should ask questions regarding overlay ordinance

On July 13, the Municipality of Princeton introduced draft Ordinance 2020-25. This proposed overlay ordinance, as written, allows for up to 160 apartments to...

LOOSE ENDS 7/17: Nick Sutter

By Pam Hersh My angst antennae are particularly sensitive these days, so when I heard the news, I made my Edvard Munch “Scream” face, and...

LOOSE ENDS 7/10: Dr. Sean Naini

By Pam Hersh COVID-19 has upended our reality in so many different ways including bringing us a brand new reality television show: Telehealth-2020. Gone are...

Opinion: The case for virtual schooling

For the past three months, millions of high schoolers across the United States have been logging on online video platforms, like Google Meet and...

SOLUTIONS 7/3: The Coming Costs

By Huck Fairman Along with the spreading of the coronavirus, this country is facing a range of destructive changes from the climate crisis. And, not...

LOOSE ENDS 7/3: An interview with the Mayor of Princeton

By Pam Hersh When you tell your friends and colleagues that you are retiring one year before you actually leave, that last year at work...

Opinion: Dedication, open mind, work ethic make Cohen the right choice for Princeton Council

You may have noticed a few handpainted lawn signs supporting David Cohen for Council. These signs were painted by volunteers including myself on salvaged...

Opinion: Mercer County Community College offers safe ways to make education decisions

COVID-19 has dramatically and quickly altered the way we live, work, communicate, socialize and enjoy ourselves. It certainly changes the way higher education delivers...
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