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SOLUTIONS 4/10: The changes around us

By Huck Fairman Change has arrived in our lives, partly by chance, partly by design. The virus and climate crisis have both spread through our...

Opinion: Postal employees ask for communities to observe social distancing during deliveries

During these challenging times, postal employees are working hard to ensure residents stay connected with their world through the mail. Whether it’s medications, a...

Princeton Community Democratic Organization calls upon elected officials to reduce impact of COVID-19

The Princeton Community Democratic Organization urges our federal elected officials, together with our state elected officials and partners, to do all in their power...

LOOSE ENDS 4/10: Connectivity

By Pam Hersh The current celebration of Passover (April 8-16) is a time when all of us – no matter what our faith - are...

Opinion: First responders deserve line of duty death benefits due to coronavirus crisis

As a matter of practice, policy and procedure, the vast majority of law enforcement agencies provide for certain employment benefits for all sworn personnel,...

SOLUTIONS 4/3: Which way will we go?

By Huck Fairman Many are wondering if we are at some crossroads, some inflexion point which will lead to lasting changes in our country, and...

Opinion: We stand in solidarity with our Asian neighbors

At this time, when people of Asian descent locally and across America are being victimized by racist words and acts, we denounce this and...

Opinion: Einstein was an activist for African Americans

To the Editor: As we honored Albert Einstein on his birthday recently, let us remember his commitment and work as an activist for the rights...

Opinion: Ask legislators to support vote-by-mail security

It’s almost election time. Our primary is just over two months away, which should place it right smack in the middle of a global pandemic....

Opinion: Mark Freda has big shoes to fill – but he’s ready

Mark Freda is ready. Ready to hit the ground running. Ready to lead and ready to listen. When I sat down to talk with to Mark,...

SOLUTIONS 3/27: Coronavirus and its cousins

By Huck Fairman By now, awareness of the severity of the coronavirus has reached everywhere, even the White House. In the U.S. the number of...

LOOSE ENDS 3/27: Kevin Wilkes: Commitment to the Paul Robeson Project

By Pam Hersh As COVID-19 was halting all activity in Princeton, architect Kevin Wilkes was doing his best to ramp it up. The construction activity...

Opinion: Stress testing our values

We are writing on behalf of the Princeton Family YMCA to share our story and to assure you that we are doing all that...

Local response to COVID-19’s apocalyptic economic consequence

To the Editor: Now that governments have imposed total shutdowns to slow the COVID-19 virus infection rate, let us pray that we will have bought...

Opinion: Being outdoors could help reduce COVID-19

To the Editor: We got the hand-washing messaging down: Do it and do it for 20 seconds. We got the social proximity rules knocked: Avoid. But what...

Letter to the Editor: Re: Coronavirus Anxieties

The major issue with the coronavirus epidemic is not so much the virus itself, but the anxiety about the uncertainty of the coronavirus.  Little...

Northeast and Middle Atlantic leaders exploring strategies to reduce emissions

By Huck Fairman Recently, NOAA reported that this January was the hottest month in 141 years of record keeping---and that this year may well be...

Tunnel vision: Helping wildlife cross the road

By Michele S. Byers Why did the turtle cross the road? Probably to look for a place to lay her eggs. The better question might...
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