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WEST WINDSOR: Hunting accident kills Chesterfield man
Man shot himself, police say
WEST WINDSOR - A 45-year-old Chesterfield man died Saturday afternoon while hunting geese, according to police.

Police said the man and his father were out hunting geese in the fields of 1201 Old Trenton Road around 4:16 p.m. when the man reportedly shot himself in the head and neck area.

Police responded quickly to the scene and were directed to the injured hunter's location in a nearby patch of woods by the man's father.


Dana Krug, West Windsor 
Lindy Eiref, Joanne Diez, Lily Krauss, Princeton 
Bill Laznovsky, Princeton 
Just before Halloween, Sustainable Princeton served another treat at the latest Great Ideas Breakfasts, this time on the topic of biking in Princeton.



Leveling the Playing Field
Thomas Kelly's paintings of sports icons at The Artful Deposit
THE figures artist Thomas Kelly paints have a distinctive, deceptively simple style. Representative but not realistic, the geometry of their shapes and body positions are a bit off, in a charming way. They are colorful and alive, with expressions that share joy, reflection, peace, love and a sense of simply living life.

   All of that is on full display in Mr. Kelly’s new group of paintings titled The Sports Icons Series. Works in the series depict people idolizing their sports heroes. But Mr. Kelly’s classic style is combined with somewhat more realistic depictions of those heroes. So an image of Pelé celebrating Brazil’s 1970 World Cup victory is contrasted with two young boys with soccer balls. Evel Knievel popping a wheelie in all his star-spangled glory is accompanied by a youth on a ‘70s-era banana seat bicycle emulating his hero.

   They say every dog has its day. Even more amazing is that Jets fans once had their day: Jan. 12, 1969 when Joe Namath fulfilled his guarantee and led the Jets to victory in Super Bowl III over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts, and trotted off the field waving his finger, No. 1 style. A painting of Mr. Namath in the game is accompanied by two boys playing catch.


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