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Your Local Newspaper: The Princeton Packet

PRINCETON: Former animal control officer rejects initial separation agreement
Says attorney working with town on terms of a new deal
Former Princeton animal control officer Mark Johnson said Monday that he had rejected an initial separation agreement from the town, and that his lawyer and the town are working on terms of a new one.

Mr. Johnson said he would not disclose the details of that first offer or why he turned it down. He also would not disclose what things he is looking for as part of an agreement that he would be willing to accept.

Mr. Johnson is being represented by attorney Donald C. Barbati Jr., who has not returned repeated phone calls seeking comment. Municipal attorney Trishka W. Cecil had no comment Monday.


    Are our middle and high school English teachers really teaching our children how to write?

Lawrence DeCicco, Princeton
Robbie Nelson, Princeton
Jenny Morgenthau, The Fresh Air Fund



Beyond the Love Song
Al Stewart will perform an acoustic show in Bordentown
   AL Stewart knows “Trains” is one of his most well- written songs. He also knows that a well-written song is not necessarily a hit song.

   ”A lot of people’s best-known song is not their best song,” he says.

   It’s obvious that Mr. Stewart is a musician who knows that the value of a song isn’t reliant upon its placement on Billboard’s hit charts.


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