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Your Local Newspaper: The Princeton Packet

PRINCETON: A Miss America that never gave up
Nina Davuluri urges students to continue to pursue their goals, even if they initially fail
Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri on Tuesday urged Princeton University students to pursue their goals even if they fail initially to reach them.

“There’s so many things that the first time you do it, it might not be the way that I wanted it to happen,” she said, “but there’s different ways to get to a goal that you want.”

Speaking inside McCosh Hall, she recounted a personal experience of how she was put on a wait list at her first choice college, the University of Michigan, but later reapplied and got in.


    Are our middle and high school English teachers really teaching our children how to write?

Lawrence DeCicco, Princeton
Robbie Nelson, Princeton
Jenny Morgenthau, The Fresh Air Fund



A Screwball Comedy
Bucks County Playhouse is kicking off a new season with an old-fashioned show
   IT’S a story you’ve heard a dozen times or more: A kid’s baseball card collection gets thrown out or sold by his mother, and he spends the rest of life dreaming of the memories and riches that were lost when those little cardboard rectangles were discarded.

   It happened to Albert Tapper, but he did something about it.

   ”I reclaimed my baseball card collection,” he says “When you get to be 15, 16 years old, baseball cards don’t look as good as girls. My mother asked me if I wanted them, I said, ‘No throw them away.’ Everybody’s mother threw their cards away.”


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