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Your Local Newspaper: The Princeton Packet

PRINCETON: Council passes business hours restriction

A unanimous Princeton Council voted Monday night to force businesses to close to the public between 2 a.m.and 5 a.m. if they are in or abut a residential zone.

Officials agreed to attach a 36-month sunset provision to the ordinance and form a task force to assess what, if any, impacts the restriction is having on the local economy among other things.

The task force would report back to council, which could opt to change, repeal or leave the ordinance in place.



Life as He Saw It
The Barnes Foundation is hosting an exhibit showcasing 90 works by William Glackens
ON a gray day in late November, I find myself craving color — something to prevent the external dreariness from making its way inward. The paintings of William Glackens, on view at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia through Feb. 2, 2015, offer a tonic, an immersion into ochres and turquoise, pumpkin and periwinkle, pattern and brushwork.

   Glackens’ (1870-1938) canvases of New York’s Washington Square Park, Central Park and beach scenes describe those places, yet also transcend them. It becomes the world of William Glackens, a world influenced by Matisse, Cezanne, Renoir and the French Modernists.

   William Glackens includes 90 major paintings and works on paper from American collectors. There are also 48 works by Glackens hanging in the permanent galleries (and an additional 23 in storage). When the Barnes puts on a solo exhibition of one of its own, it honors the will of its founder and keeps the salon-style hangings intact — yet the rotating exhibitions add new light and insight into the permanent collection. The exhibition on Glackens — whose vision informed the collection — is the most successful since the museum opened in Center City more than two years ago.


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