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Your Local Newspaper: The Princeton Packet

PRINCETON: Jewish Center to mark Israel Independence Day with inaugural parade

For as long as anyone can remember, members of the Jewish Center, the synagogue on Nassau Street, have celebrated Israel Independence Day with some kind of an event.

This year, the members of the Conservative congregation thought they would take their celebration to the streets — literally. On Sunday, they will walk through town in a short parade that will step off at 2 p.m. rain or shine from Cedar Lane, go to Prospect Avenue and then Princeton Avenue and end up at Nassau at the synagogue property.

“This is our first year in the history of our congregation that we think we’ve had a parade where the police have closed streets,” said Neil Wise, director of programming at the Jewish Center.


    Recently one of my students told me about an English teacher she hopes she doesn’t get next year. “She tells the class that nobody can expect to get above a B.” Although most teachers do not set the bar so high that the students can never reach it, many make the “A” a rare feat. I’ve never really understood this desire to make it difficult for children to experience success, especially when it comes to writing which is essentially an expression of self.
Cheryl Mintz, Princeton
John Church, West Windsor
Amy Klein, Princeton



A Night of Hits
Lou Christie and Darlene Love are on the bill for a night of classics at the State
LOU Christie recalls the 1960s with fondness, because among other things, he says he knew all the girls on the West Coast.

   That’s a lot of girls.

   One of those was Darlene Love of the singing group, The Blossoms. Although the all-girl singing group — Ms. Love, Fanita James and Jean King — had a recording career of its own, which included the group’s biggest hit “He’s a Rebel.”


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