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PRINCETON: Reasons still unclear on animal control officer's suspension (Updated)
Councilwoman says it's not related to deer cull summons
¬ĚPrinceton officials on Monday dismissed summonses against a local man charged with feeding deer to disrupt the annual deer cull and then abruptly suspended municipal animal control officer Mark Johnson.

Officials released no details about the reasons behind the suspension or will say if the matters were related. As an added wrinkle, Councilwoman Jo S. Butler got involved by contacting Mr. Johnson and the head of the police department about a case involving an acquaintance’s husband. 

Mr. Johnson issued Edward Linky two summonses for feeding deer and interfering with an authorized bait station on Feb.8, according to copies of the complaints. The alleged incident occurred around 11 a.m. on  Littlebrook Road, the same street Mr. Linky, 69, resides on, those records showed. 



Words and Music
Liz Longley at Concerts at the Crossing
   WITH powerful songs such as “Memphis” and “Skin and Bones,” Liz Longley has proven that she’s not just a talented singer, but a gifted songwriter who knows how to tell a story. It’s a combo that has made the singer one to watch in 2015, as more people are expected to discover all she has to offer.

   ”Whatever is moving me at the time or what I’m drawn to, I work through it in song,” she says. “My songs are like journal entries. It’s a process I absolutely love. It’s addicting.”

   The artist recently released her self-titled album, an 11-song collection recorded in Nashville last year with a full band by her side.


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