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Your Local Newspaper: The Princeton Packet

PRINCETON: 'Crossroads of the Revolution'
Documentary focuses on the 10 crucial days leading up to the Battle of Princeton
The site of the Battle of Princeton’s climax is the centerpiece of a new documentary by a Princeton Junction native.

The film focuses on the 10 crucial days leading up to the battle and how they were a major turning point during the American Revolution. The first part tells the history of the Battle of Princeton while the second part describes the efforts to preserve Maxwell Field, a portion of the battlefield proposed for faculty housing development for the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton.

Freelance filmmaker Pat Murphy, who now resides in Brooklyn, used to take field trips to the Princeton Battlefield and attend Battle of Princeton reenactments when he was a kid.



Not Just Fiddling Around
Dan Trueman and Caoimhin O Raghallaigh are bringing the sounds of Laghdu to Taplin Auditorium
ON his musical journey around the globe, fiddler Dan Trueman has already explored Norway, particularly the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. It’s a very different creature from its cousin the classical violin; for one thing, the fiddle has an extra set of “understrings” that resonate with the four regular strings. A Hardanger fiddle is also elaborately decorated, often with a mother-of-pearl inlay on the fingerboard, as well as a carved dragon’s, lion’s or woman’s head as part of the scroll at the top.

   Whatever it was — the sound, the look or the feel — Mr. Trueman fell hard for the Hardanger, after years of classical violin lessons and playing.

   ”It was one of those mind-blowing moments every musician has, when you hear something and you can’t believe it — you have to figure out how to play it,” Mr. Trueman says. “It’s turned out to be my lifelong obsession.”


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