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PRINCETON: The importance of 'town-gown' relations
Mayor stresses that community should be part of university's long-range planning process
Mayor Liz Lempert said Wednesday that it is “vitally important” that the community has input on the long-range campus planning that Princeton University is embarking on.

“Obviously, the direction that the university takes on where and how it plans to expand is going to have significant effects on the town,” she told university students on campus at Whig Hall. 

She believes it is important that the community be part of the planning process “so that the impacts can be acknowledged and efforts can be made to address them.”


   The following letter was read as a petition to the Princeton Council at its Feb. 24 meeting:
Ron Lessard, Princeton
Philip Abram, Princeton
    “Only three or four books in a life time,” Proust said through his character Swann in “Remembrance of Things Past”, “give us anything that is of real importance.”



Scenes From (the Basement of) a Mall
John Tartaglia stars in 'Buyer & Cellar' at George Street Playhouse
TONY nominee John Tartaglia is well regarded in the theater community, having helped bring to life the puppets of Avenue Q and playing a puppet himself — Pinocchio — in Shrek: The Musical.

   Now, the gifted singer will take on a one-man comedy in George Street Playhouse’s upcoming performance of Jonathan Tolins’ hit, Buyer & Cellar.

   The play is inspired by Barbra Streisand’s memoir, My Passion for Design, and takes place in the basement of the legendary performer’s Malibu home, where a shopping mall exists complete with a doll shop, an antique clothing store and a sweets shop.


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