HILLSBOROUGH: Young voter eagerly looks forward to primary election in New Jersey 


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To the editor:
On Tuesday, June 7, voters in California, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and New Jersey will hit the ballot boxes to cast their votes in the 2016 presidential primary elections.
New Jersey hosts closed primaries, which means voters who are registered as unaffiliated cannot vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries. The closed primary process essentially forces eager voters like myself into declaring allegiance to a particular party.
New voters, like myself, have watched this election unfold with fresh eyes over the course of the past year. Seeing the primary on the horizon is both exhilarating and relieving. The moment where our voices are finally heard has finally come.
Although our votes are not as anticipated as those from Iowa or New Hampshire, New Jersey will likely be the state where Hillary Clinton clinches the Democratic nomination. New Jersey also has the potential to be the state where “the Bern” flares out for good.
New Jersey may also play a larger role in the general election of Hillary Clinton decides to add Corey Booker onto her ticket. Booker has been on the campaign trail with Clinton for several months and many see him as a top contender to be Clinton’s vice president.
A major setback to putting Booker on the ticket would be that he would lose his Senate seat, allowing Republican Governor Christie to nominate someone to fill his vacancy until the midterms in 2018. Although New Jersey has not had an elected Republican Senator in decades, the individual that Christie would nominate would likely be a Republican. Clinton has to balance the pros and cons of gaining Booker as a running mate and losing a highly valuable ally in the Senate.
June 7 will mark the end of the primary season and the beginning of what is going to be a fierce general election. I look forward to seeing what role my state’s politics and demographics will play in the great race to the White House. 
Brandon Tubby 
Hillsborough 

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