LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The battle between the two political parties


To the editor:
   The battle begins between the two political parties about what direction our county should be going for the next four years. As a social studies teacher, specializing in American Studies, it is an exciting and perfect time to be teaching our country’s history and culture. My friends and relatives “fear” that the Democratic Party might win the election and destroy our country. I say “don’t fear” because evil will eventually be overcome.
   The Republican Party, (historical father Abraham Lincoln), is currently engaged in the “good fight” against a policy that is destroying our country, much the same as it has destroyed other countries around the world. Abortion, like slavery of the 1800s, is an evil that no man or women of good conscience can agree with or condone. Whether it is for religious, civil right, or just plain common sense reasons, abortion is evil, it is wrong, and has been the cause of the decline of civilizations around the world.
   Abraham Lincoln helped to start the Republican Party in the 1800s to eradicate an institution that it took a civil war and the loss of more than 600,000 Americans to destroy (as well as the lives of many slaves who were trapped in that terrible institution).
   There were other issues in the 1860 election that were debated, just as there are today, but everyone only remembers the “slavery issue.” The same holds true for abortion and how our country handles this problem will be long remembered.
   No new political party needs to be started to engage this fight as the Republican Party of today has as part of its platform the banning of abortion by constitutional amendment. Slavery was banned by an amendment and so should abortion.
   I say to my friends and relatives that our great country will stay great if its citizens continue to use their right of free speech and political activism to right the wrongs in our society. Let the battle begin as it is a fight worth standing up and being engaged in.
   Respectfully and God bless America,
Walter F. Conner Sr.
Social studies teacher
Colonel USMC (ret.)