WEST WINDSOR: Herts will represent parents and students on school board


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Carol Herts has been my friend since 1985. We met before we had children, and we have watched together as our kids grew and began kindergarten, went through WWP, and onto college and beyond.
During all the time her kids were in WWP, Carol volunteered in the schools. She believes that nothing is more important than the education of our kids.
Carol is a thoughtful, honest, intelligent person who cares about our children and our schools. She has spoken to many parents, teachers, and experts in education, psychology, psychiatry, counseling, and law, to understand what is happening in WWP.
I know that Carol listens to students, parents, and teachers. She believes that their voices should be heard. And that we have to have consensus and transparency for major decisions. If elected, Carol Herts will represent parents and students on the Board of Education.
Please vote for Carol Herts, for the WWP Board of Education on Nov. 8. 
Jill Zutty 
Princeton 