Monroe Wolverines win their 20th national championship


Staff Writer

MONROE — Hard work and perseverance are what it took as three Monroe cheerleading teams shined at a national championship competition in Orlando, Florida.

During the week of Dec. 5-9, the Pop Warner Cheer and Dance National Championship served as the host to teams from all over the country, each competing for the national title.

The Monroe Wolverines, made up of three divisions, represented Monroe Township, New Jersey and all of the Northeast.

The Jr. Pee Wee Gold Cheer team, a small group made up of  10 eight- and nine-year olds, placed first t win the national championship.

The team beat 11 other teams from all across the country. This was the first time ever that these young girls competed at a national championship event –and they came away with a national title.

The Jr. Pee Wee Gold Cheer team, which was nicknamed, “The Little Team that Could,” were comprised of Daniella Mayo, Rachel Cicchetti, Madison Carpenito, Isabella Maresco, Jessica Widom, Sophia Rivas, Claire Falkowski, Isabella Grippa, Gabriella Wilson, and Kathryn Blundell.

Since 2004, the Monroe Wolverines have earned 20 national titles.

Monroe’s Pee Wee team (ages 10 and 11) placed second.  That team consisted of cheerleaders Madison Chervanyak, Caitlin Falkowski, Alexa Tanzier, Angelina Fazzolari, Lauren Custodio,Paige Fornal, Casey Herbstmann, Isabel Loudin, Amber Olah, Madelyn Deroian, Julianna Passalacqua, Lacie Riccardi, Jordyn Brown, Ava Lucciani, Lindsey Sheiner, Sabrina Cippolletta, Skyler Tillem, Madeline Armstrong, Ava Accardi, Natalie Herrman, Fallon Massey, Sophia Brennan, Sarah Solomen, Gina Tallerico, Morgan Hoiberg, Lindsay Harrington, Haley Larsen, Megan Lawson- Levy, Cassidy Sheiner, and Megan Spoletti.

The Varsity team (ages 12 and 13) also placed second.

The Varsity cheerleaders are Brianna DeVito, Alexandra Rapp, Elysse Rizzo, Emma Stearn, Ava Hromin, Alexis Rosa, Emily Bobish, Mercedes Machinski, Kayleen Hernandez- Moreno, Katrina Senatra, Christina Albert, Skyler Webb, Ava Prinzo, Audrey Estavillo, Patience Darko, Morgan McDermott, Holly D’urso, Brooke Chipchase, Carissa Allen, Amber Bilz, Ava Maddox, Alexandria Rapp, Sydney Gawason, Graciella Esandrio, DAni Goldstein, Sofia Ramirez, Rachel Martin Alex Cirlincione, Rebecca Antonacci, Taylor Brown, Abigail White, Ava Kuczeski, Gianna Hamill, and Alison Henrich.

Superintendent of Monroe Recreation Mary Lange praised the cheerleaders.

“We are so proud of our girls,” she said. “All three teams finished in the top two in the country. And not only did they represent our community in a positive way on the competition floor, they were also commended for their sportsmanship and good character throughout the week.”