Sayreville firefighters honored by PETA for rescuing deer


SAYREVILLE – The Sayreville Fire Department came to the rescue of a young deer who had fallen through the ice in Waterworks Park.

For the firefighters’ actions, the department has been awarded the Compassionate Fire Department Award from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

South Amboy Animal Control had spotted the deer bobbing in the icy water of the South Amboy park on Dec. 16 and alerted South Amboy Fire Prevention, which called in Sayreville Fire Department’s ice-rescue team, which had been training for two years—but who had not yet put their skills to use, according to a statement provided by PETA.

It took 30 minutes for firefighters Chris Mierzwiak, Ray Deecken and Mike Marcinyck Jr. to pull the deer out of the water using special ice-rescue suits, ropes, a flotation device and a sled. After warming up the deer with a blanket, they released him back into the woods.

“These firefighters were ready and determined to put their special training to work to save one of South Amboy’s most vulnerable residents,” PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien said in the statement. “PETA hopes their bravery and kindness will inspire people everywhere to come to the aid of animals in need.”

PETA is sending the fire department a framed certificate, a box of vegan cookies and a copy of “The Engine 2 Diet,” a Texas firefighter’s 28-day plan for staying in prime firefighting shape by eating plant-based meals.