Young children explore the solar system, dinosaurs during science fair


SOUTH BRUNSWICK – Water cycles, solar systems, the continents, Earth Day and wildlife habitats were just some to the topics explored by 2-5-year-olds at the second annual Kids First Montessori Science Fair.

On May 3, students presented their drawings, three-dimensional models and new vocabulary for their parents at the Monmouth Junction school.

Mikayeel, whose topic was about solar systems, created a diagram of the solar system in which planets made out of Styrofoam were attached to a sun with sticks, according to Ritika Jain.

Aditya created a realistic display of dinosaurs in their natural habitat. He had a box filled with sand, real grass, toy dinosaurs and a large dinosaur fossil. The fossil was depicted by a cup filled with rocks resting on layers of sand and soil, Jain said.

Vihaan explained how electricity is made and defined the different types of energy: wind energy, solar energy and hydro energy. He also listed common machines that use electricity such as refrigerators, dishwashers, pool heaters and phones, according to Jain.

Riddhi’s project about the four seasons was equipped with a 3D model of a tree crafted from colored construction paper. The tree was split into four sections representing one of the four seasons. The fall side was decorated with yellow and brown leaves while the winter side was adorned with snowflakes and a snowman, Jain said.

Lionel’s trifold was covered in different images of gorillas as he provided his own description about their habits and characteristics. He demonstrated the similarities between gorillas and human beings, using photographs of various behavioral patterns such as family behavior and eating habits, Jain said.

After the fair, students were awarded with personalized medals and certificates to honor their work. This was an opportunity for young children to showcase their knowledge and creativity in the field of science.