Resident has questions about traffic study

With respect to the News Transcript’s article about Manalapan Crossing (July 26), Manalapan’s township attorney, Roger McLaughlin, is quoted saying, “The township has already paid for an independent traffic study involving the property…”​

I have questions for Mr. McLaughlin and for the author of the article, News Transcript Managing Editor Mark Rosman, as to the aforesaid statement.

What exact traffic report of the township is Mr. McLaughlin talking about? What is the date of the traffic report? What traffic report is Mr. McLaughlin referring to regarding a traffic study of Millhurst Road in its entirety from Tennent Road to Route 33 that the township allegedly paid for and when was this traffic study performed?

This is what in my opinion the township is avoiding and for what reasons?

I think you will realize the traffic study of the entirety of Millhurst Road that is referred to was not done by the township, or if the study was done by the township it is outdated.

I think direct answers by the township to these questions is needed. There is no reason to hide this information.

Brad Berger