HOPEWELL: Sawicki understands how to help our kids excell


Reader Submitted
To the editor:
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in support of Adam J. Sawicki Jr. as a candidate for the Hopewell Valley Regional School District Board of Education. I have known Adam for more than a decade. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work alongside Adam in many community and school related activities. I have found Adam to be a man of excellent character who is a wonderful family man and community leader. He genuinely loves the community which he serves and has spent the past six years as a school board representative making valuable contributions to enhance the educational experiences of our children. My children have personally benefited from many of the initiatives that Adam was instrumental in helping to develop such as; the Performing Arts Magnet Academy, increasing access to Honors classes as well as increasing extra -curricular activities at the high school level.
As a father of four children, Adam understands the importance of not only providing our children with the best education possible but also teaching them to become exceptional human beings. As we look ahead to future school projects, Adam’s input will be invaluable as new character and cultural initiatives are introduced into the curriculum. As a parent of children in district, I feel that it is important to have a representative on the school board who serves as our voice willing to listen to our ideas and concerns and bring them forward to the board. It is important that we all have a voice in shaping our children’s future. I believe that Adam is a candidate that we can rely on to serve as our collective voice. I hope you will join me in voting for Adam Sawicki for a seat on the Hopewell Valley Regional School District Board of Education.
Donna Costanzo
Hopewell Township