HILLSBOROUGH: McCauley and Tomson have earned our support


Reader Submitted
To the editor,
Deputy Mayor Gloria McCauley and Committeeman Doug Tomson’s record of disciplined fiscal responsibility in recent years has been excellent. They provide proven, trusted leadership and they make the tough, but informed decisions that will mitigate risk and ensure a sustainable, safe and affordable community going forward. Hillsborough continues to be ranked one of best towns to live in, and every week, these two township committee members exhibit the kind of transparent leadership via committee meetings, public meetings and in social media, I expect will keep Hillsborough one of the best towns around for a long, long time. They have earned our continued support on Election Day.
And it’s not only McCauley and Tomson that need our votes. State school funding formulas that disadvantage suburban towns, higher taxes and potential sanctuary state (and town) status, are just some of the key battles that need to be fought in the coming year at higher levels as well.
So, on Tuesday, November 7, please come out and vote for McCauley and Tomson, and also for the rest of the Republican ticket at every level of state government.
Ken Hesthag