Spotswood PTA earns national honor for three schools


SPOTSWOOD–Receiving the highest honor a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) can achieve, three Spotswood School District institutions were presented with the National PTA Schools of Excellence award.

The Spotswood PTA was notified at the beginning of August that G. Austin Schoenly Elementary School, E.R. Appleby Elementary School and the Memorial Middle School had won the award, according to Spotswood PTA President Melissa Hallerman.

Hallerman said the National PTA School of Excellence award is the highest recognition that a PTA can receive.

“It signifies that your PTA supports and celebrates partnerships between the school and home and works to improve the educational experience and school environment for every child,” Hallerman said. “Our PTA has worked together with our schools to welcome all families, communicate effectively, support student success and collaborate with the community. We are happy to say our Spotswood PTA has successfully mastered these commitments.”

Hallerman said she is starting her third year as PTA president.

“We have over 20 executive board and special committee chairs on the Spotswood PTA. Each of the three schools that we oversee – Schoenly, Appleby and Memorial Middle School – have a vice president and hospitality chair that specifically focuses on that school,” Hallerman said. “Other positions, such as fundraising, cultural arts, membership, community liaison, etc., work within all three schools.”

The Spotswood PTA provides numerous events and activities throughout the school year to students and teachers, including cultural arts assemblies, direct teacher support and family community events, according to Hallerman.

“Although our charter is for the three younger grade schools, we also support our students and teachers in Spotswood High School,” Hallerman said. “Some of these events include hosting student and staff orientations, teacher appreciation luncheons and scholarships to graduating seniors.”

Hallerman said the PTA members are honored to be showcased on a national level.

“There are over 23,000 PTAs in the United States and only a few hundred are awarded this blue ribbon recognition each year,” Hallerman said.

Hallerman said the amount of support the PTA receives from the community is beyond amazing.

“From our parents, teachers, administrators, local business owners and mayors, we all work together because we have the same goal in mind,” Hallerman said. “We hope to make our little corner of the world a better place by investing our time, energy and passion into our children, our future leaders.”

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