When to upgrade your hearing aids


For those of us who wear hearing aids, there is always a wonder as to when it’s the appropriate time to get an upgrade. You may ask, “What are the advantages to upgrading on a regular basis?” To answer simply, hearing aids, like anything that gets used frequently, have a limited lifespan. Here are some reasons and tips to determine when it’s the right time for a new pair.

A common reason individuals upgrade their hearing aids is because their current pair no longer achieves the best fit. A new work environment, hobby, or family life can create different demands on hearing aids’ functionality.

The typical lifespan of a hearing aid can be from three to five years, but that depends on the brand, model and whether they had proper care. Some signs that you need new hearing aids are:

  • Turning up the volume more frequently
  • Difficulty hearing situations that previously were not challenging to hear
  • Static or white noise

Before the typical three-year renewal mark, many people upgrade their hearing aids because technology has advanced so quickly. The market’s latest devices provide features their current hearing aids may not be capable of. An example is the ability to control your hearing aid from your technological device (like an iPhone).

A hearing health professional can determine if you would benefit from the newer devices and explain how they work. Visit American Hearing Centers in Holmdel by calling 732-639-1414 and make an appointment today.