Woman accused from stealing from elderly residents at assisted living facility




SOUTH BRUNSWICK – A 31-year-old woman from New Brunswick is accused of stealing from elderly residents of a Princeton address assisted living facility.

The four-month investigation by Detective Brady Shelcusky identified three victims but police believe there may be more.

“One victim was in his late 90s, another victim was blind, so it wasn’t until their family members saw their credit card bills that they even realized there was a problem,” Shelcusky said in a statement prepared by the South Brunswick Police Department.

The investigation uncovered the suspect was using the credit on Lyft rides and hotel rooms., according to police.

The suspect had access to all the residents’ room as she worked at the facility. Police believe she stole the credit card numbers from the mail that was sent to the residents, according to the statement.

The woman was charged with three counts of credit card theft, theft of movable property and fraud. She is charged with stealing on multiple occasions over the past four months. Police are unsure the exact amount of money stolen as victims wait for credit card bills to reveal the extent of the crime.

“The people this suspect targeted are reliant on others for daily assistance and we will prosecute anyone who tries to take advantage of them. We will continue to follow leads and remind families to monitor older relatives’ finances to make sure no one exploits them,” Police Chief Raymond Hayducka said in the statement.

The woman was charged and turned over to Englishtown police since she had outstanding traffic warrants out of Englishtown, New Brunswick and South Brunswick.

Anyone with information about the case should call Shelcusky at 732-329-4000, ext. 7496.