Catherine’s Cottage Daycare based on principles of ‘warmth, love, comfort and nurture’


Gone are the days of stay-at-home parents, especially in the great State of New Jersey.

One of the most challenging and stressful decisions parents face is selecting an early childhood education and daycare center for their children. All parents demand a safe environment for their child, but they should also be considering one where they will be stimulated both cognitively as well as physically throughout their day.

Englishtown’s newest early childhood education center, Catherine’s Cottage Daycare (CCD), does all of those things and more.

CCD’s mission is to provide a family solution that speaks to parents, nurtures the emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills of children, while providing a safe and secure environment.

Executive Director Joya Godfrey Brown said, “Our daycare center is committed to providing premiere educational programs for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Our goal is to provide a solution for families that delivers a franchised/corporate curriculum in a warm, family-feel environment.”

Aside from educational curricula in small classroom sizes, CCD also provides age-appropriate enrichment programs such as dance, music, kiddie soccer, cooking and yoga.

“We believe in the importance of the learning process by reinforcing lessons in a fun environment,” Brown said. “Children enrolled in our approved enrichment programs gain specific abilities and a higher level of competence which strengthens the whole child inside and outside the classroom.”

When asked about how the center received its name, Joya explained, “The name of the daycare is dedicated to my grandmother Catherine. The memories I have of her are those of warmth, love, comfort and nurture, all of which are strong qualities of CCD and its employees.”

CCD officially opened its doors on Sept. 6, 2017, and is currently enrolling children ages 2-and-a-half through 6. Infants and toddler-aged enrollment will soon follow.

CCD is located at 50 Main St., Englishtown. To learn more about the age-specific curricula or to schedule a tour of the facility, visit