Bad Axe Throwing will open in Matawan this autumn


MATAWAN–What started off as an idea more than four years to create a space where people can hurl large hatchets at targets for fun has emerged into a widely popular recreational event.

Today, “Bad Axe Throwing,” the biggest axe throwing company in the world, will open one of its newest locations this November at Park Plaza Mall, located at 343-351 Route 34, Matawan.

Bad Axe Throwing Public Relations Manager Xiomara Galvez said that the company has pioneered the sport of axe throwing and made it mainstream.

“We are also founding members of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) not to mention that the 2018 WATL World Champion works at Bad Axe,” Galvez said. “We offer longer lessons, better games, technology to keep track of scores/stats and we build out our facilities like five-star bars. Others tend to put targets up on a wall and place no effort on the overall decor or experience which is why we see Matawan as a perfect fit.”

The idea for the company came about, Galvez explained, when the founder of Bad Axe Throwing, Mario Zelaya, went axe throwing with some friends and thought that it was such a cool idea, that he would try it out for himself.

Galvez reported that Zelaya opened up his first location as a small project to see how it would do in Canada back in 2014 and its exploded since then.

“We are always losing count because we are growing so quickly. Currently, we are more than 40 locations. We’re also going to be opening up in London, England, by Wembley Stadium this year,” Galvez said. “We are averaging about one new location a month. Our goal is to be located all over the United States so everyone can experience how Bad Axe™ we really are.”

Galvez said the company’s Matawan location will be a “Bring Your Own Booze” location, which means guests can bring in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that they’d like, as long as the beverages are in cans or plastic bottles.

“We don’t permit hard liquor or glass bottles. We want our guests to relax and have a great time, we don’t want our patrons to be intoxicated,” Galvez said. “Not only are guests permitted to bring your own booze, but they can also bring in their own food or cake for their event.”

Galvez said that all Bas Axe Throwing locations are open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week; however, the company generally runs by bookings only. Guests can call or book online to reserve a time slot for their event and each event is two hours long.

The company also have walk-in times as well which vary by location, but we expect to have walk-in times from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week at the Matawan location, according to Galvez.

“People are excited to see what we are and what we do. Each new location we open is decorated differently and we provide different games during the events so it’s not always the same one over and over again,” Galvez said. “We make the experiences different but still so much fun. … We’re the only facility in the area that are members of the World Axe Throwing League. Once people try it out, they’ll be hooked and they can join the league, meet new friends and have a great time.”

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