Investigations continue after deadly incident at home in Farmingdale


FARMINGDALE – Two people were killed at a home on Walnut Street in Farmingdale on the evening of Oct. 18, including one person who was shot and killed by a Howell police officer. Investigations into what took place at the home are continuing.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Shooting Response Task Force is investigating the death of Charles Tsakiris, 38, who was shot and killed by a Howell police officer. The police officer’s name has not been released.

A second death at the home is also being investigated. Law enforcement authorities said Teresa Oshel, 40, was found dead in a bathroom. A third individual, Jeffrey Tsakiris, 36, was taken to a hospital and treated for injuries.

In a post on social media, Howell Police Chief Andrew Kudrick said that at about 10:30 p.m., Howell police received a 911 call from a person who claimed to be dying after being stabbed by his brother. The caller and residence were in Farmingdale.

Farmingdale does not have a police department and is regularly patrolled by the New Jersey State Police. Howell police may respond to incidents in the borough.

“The initial Howell officer was on scene within approximately three minutes. He was immediately confronted by an armed male who refused several commands to drop a bladed object,” Kudrick wrote.

“The male refused these commands while approaching and challenging the officer. The officer was forced to defend himself along with several other involved parties who were present.

“The officer fired multiple rounds, striking the male. Despite the highly emotional scene, the officer immediately began life-saving efforts on the male. Several additional Howell units arrived and assisted as well. They were joined by state police troopers.

“The male who was shot was pronounced deceased at the scene. The involved officer was not injured, but was transported to a hospital for trauma,” Kudrick wrote.

State police are handling the crime scene and the investigation. The New Jersey Attorney General’s Shooting Response Task Force is handling the officer-involved shooting.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Professional Responsibilities Unit and the Howell Police Department Internal Affairs Division are also involved, Kudrick said.

“As with any officer-involved shooting, those involved will be placed in an administrative capacity until resolution of the investigation,” the chief said.

Kudrick wrote that “although the final disposition of this case rests with the Attorney General’s office, I publicly commend my officer for taking the necessary and immediate action to end the deadly threat he was presented with.

“Without doubt, he saved additional loss of life. I have the confidence Howell officers abided by policy and upheld the integrity of their position and the trust of the community.”