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Voices Chorale NJ: Can We Sing the Darkness to Light?

The members of Voices Chorale NJ will be sharing inspiring music from their previous concerts online to stay connected with their audiences, each other and the sounds of choral music.

“Can We Sing the Darkness to Light” by Kyle Pederson was performed in December 2019 at Trinity Church in Princeton. The video features accompanist Akiko Hosaki on the piano, with music director Dr. David A. McConnell conducting.

This piece is available at www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvgapCKmtHk, or by visiting www.voiceschoralenj.org


Can We Sing the Darkness to Light?

What if instead of more violence,

we let our weapons fall silent?

No more revenge or retribution;

no more war or persecution.

It could be beautiful.

What if instead of our judgement,

we soften our hearts that have hardened?

Instead of certainty and pride

we love and sacrifice.

It could be beautiful.

Can we see the other as our brother?

Can we sing the darkness to light

sounding chords of compassion and grace?

Set the swords of judgement aside,

let mercy’s eyes see the other human face.

–Kyle Pederson

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