Howell officials will reopen municipal parks on May 1

HOWELL – The Township Council will reopen Howell’s municipal parks on May 1 as New Jerseyans continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 6,700 Garden State residents.

Municipal officials made the announcement about the parks on April 29.

The parks will reopen to the public on May 1 for passive recreation only. Playground equipment, basketball courts and any fields that are used for team sports will remain off limits.

Council members said all visitors to Howell’s parks must adhere to social distancing guidelines and use a face mask whenever possible. Officials said their decision to reopen Howell’s parks has been coordinated with several other large towns in the area.

In a statement, municipal officials said, “We must continue to thank our residents for their continued support during this time. Township officials have continually received compliments and words of praise for their efforts during these trying and unprecedented times.

“Our first responders have been well fed by donations of our local businesses. In spite of the positive messages being put out in this update, we must remind everyone we are not yet out of the woods.

“We all need to continue to practice common sense. The use of face masks and regular hand-washing will remain with us for the foreseeable future. Stay safe and enjoy our breaking spring weather.”

Also on April 29, Gov. Phil Murphy announced that New Jersey’s state and county parks and golf courses would reopen on May 2.