Will another network pick up cancelled ‘Single Parents?’


Question: Is there any word on Single Parents being picked up by another network? The talented adults and kids were so refreshing to watch. It was one of the funniest and well-written comedies on TV. —Marianne

Matt Roush: As is typically (though not always) the case, it seems unlikely this comedy will be shopped around or picked up elsewhere, given that it was an in-house production (since 20thTelevision and ABC Studios were co-producers, all under the Disney umbrella). I’m not aware of much poaching going on of castoffs this year, which could be a reflection of business being anything but usual these days.

Question: I have just found and binged the two seasons of Titans on DC Universe.
I like free trials and figured I’d give it a go! So, since I literally just discovered Titans two days before writing this question, I haven’t kept up with its production news during the pandemic. Do you know if they were already filming Season 3? —Beth

Matt Roush: From what I can tell, Titans was unable to film the third season
(in Canada) before the shutdown, so you’re in for a wait. But if this is your sort of thing, you might be interested that another DC Universe series, the sort-of spinoff Doom Patrol, launched its second season on June 25 on DC Universe and HBO Max.

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