Will there be more news about show pickups for fall?


Question: Are all the TV networks done picking up their shows for next season? —Mike

Matt Roush: Not hardly. Most of the press releases announcing the tentative new fall lineups from the networks included a line about how more series pickups will be announced later. More than with nearly any other season in memory, everything should be looked at as a best-case scenario in case production can actually resume on most shows this summer, and that’s a pretty big if. With pilot season also disrupted by the pandemic, there are almost certainly going to be more shows announced along the way, once the development process is allowed to continue. And so far, all of the shows that have been announced as canceled are staying that way, though in this environment, who knows how things are going to play out?

Question: I’m curious about the actor who played Hamish Goames on Nat Geo’s Barksins. Was he Richard III in Starz’s The White Queen? —Carol

Matt Roush: Good catch. The Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard was Richard in that historical drama, and he can also be seen in the 2016 miniseries version of War and Peace, and he appeared opposite a pre-Killing Eve Jodie Comer in the BBC mystery Thirteen.

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