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Neighbor allegedly complains about healthcare heroes lawn sign; resident alleges family targeted

SOUTH BRUNSWICK – The members of a family in Dayton believe they are being targeted because of a lawn sign they posted in front of their house.

Michelle Lev said her mother contacted the development’s management company, Preferred Community Management Services, on July 10 about a leak in the roof. She said her mother was told a neighbor had complained about a sign that is in front of their home on Quincy Circle.

Lev said prior to that date, a neighbor was allegedly complaining about the sign, which says “A superhero in scrubs lives here” and was reportedly seen by multiple sources taking photos of the sign.

“We live in a condo association and in our bylaws it states we may not have commercial signs on our lawn, but this isn’t a commercial sign.

“It’s simply a sign that recognizes my family’s dedication and service as we all work in the medical field and it is doing no one any harm.

“Given the current situation with COVID, I believe every front-line worker is deserving of recognition for their service,” Lev said.

Lev said she believes this is a targeted complaint because her parents are immigrants who have been U.S. citizens for more than 30 years. She claims the neighbor has told her father to go back to Russia, even though her father is from Ukraine.

“I feel strongly about this issue because I am a nurse and it is truly upsetting that anyone would even try to complain about this sign,” Lev said.

A police report has been filed and Mayor Charles Carley has asked the South Brunswick Office of Emergency Management to investigate the matter.

A call to Preferred Community Management Services on July 15 was answered by a gentleman who declined to give his name and said he could not comment on this specific situation.

However, he did briefly say residents may put signs in their windows or on their lawn, but that each homeowners association and board is different and determines any restrictions.

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