Cranbury Township to redo ordinance format excluding weight of four tons for commercial vehicles

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Cranbury Township officials are looking change the format of a previously adopted ordinance that excludes vehicles of more than four tons on certain roads, such as Cranbury Station Road.

Township committee members introduced the ordinance to change the format at an Aug. 10 meeting and will decided on whether to adopt the new format on Aug. 24.

“This is essentially sort of a redo of an ordinance we passed two years ago. The state objected to some of the wording in the ordinance particularly as it relates to vehicles on Cranbury Station Road,” Mayor Matt Scott said. “To appease them we are going to resubmit this ordinance.”

The new format specifically states that commercial vehicles over the gross vehicle weight (GVW) indicated are excluded from the streets or parts of streets described except for the pickup and delivery of materials on such streets. The format focuses on Cranbury Station Road and Main Street.

The previous format wording stated trucks or other motor vehicles with the gross weight in excess of four tons are excluded, according to ordinance documents.

This change arises as Cranbury is still awaiting the final report and letter from the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s reexamination of Monroe Township’s potential weight restriction for Cranbury Station Road.

The weight restriction is part of Monroe’s truck ban ordinance enforcing no more than eight tons on commercial trucks that are permitted to travel on Cranbury Station Road.

For the ban to go into effect it needs both county and state approval.

The NJDOT’s Bureau of Traffic Engineering was to conduct its own traffic study and field investigation and analyze the new data during June. The final report and letter from the reinvestigation was originally scheduled to be sent officials in early July.