Vote yes to legalization of cannabis on Nov. 3

On Election Day, Nov. 3, New Jersey voters will decide if the state will proceed with legalization of cannabis for adult use.

The current status of failed prohibition and the underground market is not what is best for the people. Marijuana is objectively safer than alcohol so why are we driving people to drink?

Street dealers do not check age, but taxed and regulated stores absolutely will or they will be closed by the state. Consumers will know exactly what is in what they buy with testing, packaging and labels – just like any other adult use product we have the liberty to use responsibly.

Colorado made $36 million in tax revenue in June. It adds up to billions year after year. We won’t fix all our fiscal woes, but we will have benefit to the economy beyond the tax.

Real estate is hurting bad now and we can always use good jobs. It will add up if we vote to bring all of this out if the shadows.

Why was marijuana outlawed in the first place? The stigma is based on racist lies and propaganda. Regardless of your political affiliations, I urge all of the people of New Jersey to vote yes to legalization.

Jeffrey King