North Brunswick senior citizens can receive utility credit if ordinance is approved

NORTH BRUNSWICK – As part of an amendment to Chapter 352, Water Utility within the code of North Brunswick, senior citizens will be granted some relief on their water bills.

Section 352-20 previously stated that individuals age 65 and older were entitled to a seven-day grace period for the receipt of the payment of their water bill beyond the due date for payment shown on their bill, which will also be deemed to be the 38th day after the bill date, before interest and penalties begin to accrue.

On Sept. 8, the Township Council held the first reading of an amendment that would offer an annual senior citizen utility credit that entitles seniors to receive $150 per year.

If approved, beginning calendar year 2021, the credit would be applied annually to customers who receive a Senior Tax Deduction or have been approved under the Senior Tax Freeze Program.

The credit will be $75 for calendar year 2020.

To be eligible to receive the credit, the customer must: be at least 65 years old, live at the address listed on the application for water-sewer service, have the water and sewer bill in his or her name, have made an application and are eligible for either the Senior Tax Freeze Program or the Senior Tax Deduction of $250, and have a new AMI meter.

“I think it’s going to help … residents quicker to clean up some of these water issues,” council President Ralph Andrews said.

In addition, because myriad issues have arisen since North Brunswick replaced its water meters and brought billing in house earlier this year, interest and late fees up to $50 will be waived.

There will also be a leak adjustment for residents who have a new meter with monthly billing, because some of the new meters did not pick up the signal, Business Administrator Justine Progebin said during the meeting. An adjustment of up to $500 could be granted without petitioning before the council.

There will also be a credit for residents who have pools.

Through December, the council will receive a full report of credits and interest waived, Progebin said.