Church has done well to save house of worship

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Over the years, many of Jackson’s old buildings have disappeared: The Red Men’s
Lodge, the Cassville Church and the Daughter’s of Liberty Hall, to note just a few.

By the 1980s, it looked like Harmony Church, one of the township’s oldest buildings,
was destined to meet the same fate. Due to a dwindling attendance, the church
eventually had to close its doors, which in time led to the building falling into disrepair.

In 2014, however, the old church was granted a reprieve when the Cornerstone
Presbyterian Church came to the rescue by signing a lease agreement with the
building’s owner, Jackson Township.

Over the next few years, the old church was completely renovated, with its bell tower
rebuilt, its original stained glass windows re-installed and its steeple repaired, with the
addition of a new cross at its apex (hopefully with a lightning rod attached).

In 2018, after a lot of hard work, the church finally opened its doors to all.

As a kid living in Jackson Mills back in the 1940s, I still remember hearing those church
bells ring every Sunday morning. Hopefully now, they will be heard ringing once more
on Sunday mornings.

The cemetery behind the church holds the grave sites of many old-time Jackson
families, especially those from the Jackson Mills area. There is also a veteran of the
Revolutionary War interred at the cemetery.

With the addition of a fresh coat of white paint, the old building has come back to life,
thanks to the efforts and perseverance of the members of the Cornerstone Presbyterian
Church – they are to be commended.

Borden Applegate