Tinton Falls parcels rezoned to permit single-family homes


TINTON FALLS – Municipal officials in Tinton Falls have rezoned several properties to permit the locations to be used for homes.

During a recent meeting, Borough Council members adopted two ordinances that rezoned properties and designated them as residential zones.

One ordinance rezoned six properties at the north end of the borough and the second ordinance rezoned property on Wayside Road. The property on Wayside Road is owned by Monmouth County.

The six properties that were rezoned in the first ordinance are on Williams Street, Garden Place, Springdale Avenue and Hance Avenue. Borough officials said there are existing single-family homes at those locations.

Prior to the rezoning, the six properties were in a neighborhood commercial zone where single-family homes are not permitted. The council’s action makes the homes a permitted use in the new residential zone.

The rezoned parcel on Wayside Road is a vacant surplus property that was previously in an open space/government use zone.

According to borough officials, Monmouth County representatives requested that the property be rezoned to residential so it can be sold and marketed for the construction of a single-family home, which would not be permitted in the open space/government use zone.

In other business, council members certified they had reviewed the 2019 audit of Tinton Falls’ books, accounts and financial transactions.

According to a resolution, the 2019 audit contains no recommendations and because no recommendations were made by the auditor, officials were not required to prepare a corrective action plan.

And, municipal officials authorized the sale of an affordable housing unit for $107,214. The unit is on Citation Court.

Affordable housing is defined as housing that is sold or rented at below market rates to individuals and families whose income meets certain guidelines. Very low income is one category within the guidelines. Other categories are moderate income and low income.

As stated in a resolution, Tinton Falls officials have the option to sell affordable housing units that are part of the borough’s affordable housing program when units are available for resale. Borough officials have that option in order to continue making the units available to income-eligible households.

The sale on Citation Court follows an income-qualified household seeking to purchase the unit. Tinton Falls’ affordable housing administrative agent recommended that municipal officials sell the unit for $107,214, which will retain its availability to those eligible for affordable housing.