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By Paul Hall

Fairy godmothers have lost their place in the world. There are very few new recruits, but Eleanor (Jillian Bell) still dreams of joining their ranks. Still, godmother classes have not been kind to her youthful exuberance, and the requests for the service of fairy godmothers everywhere have been waning. When Eleanor discovers the request of a 10-year-old girl, she takes the initiative and heads to America from the Motherland (home of the godmothers) in an attempt to prove her worth.

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She soon discovers Mackenzie (Isla Fisher) is no longer a young girl, and, in fact, is a single mother of two girls. The players may have changed, but Eleanor still needs to work toward “happily ever after” not only to prove that she is worthy of being a fairy godmother, but also to reassure her teacher, Moira (Jane Curtin), that all fairy godmothers are worthy.

What is happiness, and do you need a prince for a modern happily ever after?

Godmothered will not win Best Picture. I know, bold statement, right? But, Godmothered may inspire those who need inspiration, as it is a film in the vein of classic Disney titles that draw on our need to smile. And with a Christmas wrapping around it, Godmothered presents a film that adds to the holiday movie mix in not only messaging, but also songs and visuals to get you tapping your toes.

Fisher and Bell work so well together and give us a lovely PG-rated romp. As Bell plays into the youthful innocence of the Eleanor character, Fisher digs in for the long haul portraying the life of an overworked single mother who is trying to overcome her past and be the grownup in the room.

Jillian Shea Spaeder has a breakout role as the anxiety-laden Jane, who is loaded with talent but still needs a boost. And who can question June Squibb as Agnes (Eleanor’s roommate) alongside the amazing Curtin?

All of this talent, along with a pleasant script that allows everyone to have a good time, makes Godmothered a surefire win with young and old alike. It will prove motivating for young girls and women, and be just plain fun for all.

With a tough 2020 heading to the rearview mirror, we all deserve to be happy. In fact, I’d happily accept my own fairy godmother if anyone wants to apply. Life is hard — Godmothered is here to help.

Paul’s Grade: B

Rated PG
Stars: Isla Fisher, Jillian Bell, June Squibb, Jane Curtin
Director: Sharon Maguire

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