Two seats will be available on Allentown council in 2021 election

ALLENTOWN – Two three-year terms on the Allentown Borough Council will be up for grabs in the 2021 November general election.

The current terms of incumbent councilmen Robert Strovinsky and Michael Drennan will end on Dec. 31.

In response to an inquiry from the Examiner asking if he plans to seek re-election, Strovinsky said, “I do not plan to run again. I enjoyed serving on council, but it is time to move on.”

In response to an inquiry from the Examiner asking if he plans to seek re-election, Drennan said he has not made a decision yet, but is “leaning to running for a second term.”

Drennan and Strovinsky are joined on the council this year by John A. Elder III, Daniel Payson, Martha Johnson and Erica Torsiello.

Strovinsky and Drennan were most recently elected in the November 2018 election. All four residents in that race ran as independent candidates.

Strovinsky led the field of four candidates with 452 votes to win re-election. Drennan won his first term on the council by receiving 440 votes.

Two first-time candidates, Linda Cotte and Thomas J. Monahan Sr., received 435 and 424 votes, respectively.

The results of the 2018 municipal election showed an independent streak among Allentown voters, who selected one candidate from each of the two teams of candidates running for office.

Signs that were posted around town in the weeks leading up to the election showed Cotte and Strovinsky were running as a team, and Drennan and Monahan were running as a team.

For the 2021 election, according to a list of candidates that has been released by the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office, no Allentown resident has filed a nominating petition to run in the June 8 Republican primary election or the Democratic primary election.

An individual could receive write-in votes in either primary election and earn a place on the November general election ballot under the banner of a political party (Republican or Democrat).

An Allentown resident who wants to run for a seat on the Borough Council as an independent candidate has until June 8 to file a nominating petition to secure a place on the November ballot.