Two veteran officers earn promotions in Freehold Borough Police Department


FREEHOLD – Two veteran police officers who serve in the Freehold Borough Police Department have been promoted.

During the Borough Council’s May 3 meeting, Christopher Colaner was promoted to lieutenant and Nicholas Iozzi was promoted to sergeant. Each officer took the oath of office for his new position.

According to the police department, Colaner is a member of the Detective Bureau and Iozzi is a member of the Patrol Division.

Police Chief Craig Dispenza said he has known Colaner since Colaner joined the department.

“Chris joined in 1994,” Dispenza said. “I joined in 1990, so I was here when he came in. The nicest thing I could say about any police officer is what I’m about to say about Chris. His enthusiasm for the job now is the same as when he walked in the door in 1994.”

According to Dispenza, Iozzi began his law enforcement career with Monmouth County in 2005 as a corrections officer.

Iozzi joined the Freehold Borough Police Department in 2008. He has served as a corrections officer and as a member of the Quality of Life Detail.

Dispenza described Iozzi as a central member of the Quality of Life Detail, which monitors activity in certain areas of town.

Before he became a law enforcement officer, Iozzi was a dispatcher with the Freehold Borough Police Department.

Dispenza described an incident during which Iozzi, who was working as a dispatcher, got involved in a foot chase near the police station. The effort resulted in the apprehension of a suspect.

“Nick hears (that the suspect) is going through the police parking lot,” Dispenza said. “He goes out in his dispatch uniform with his portable (radio), points it at the guy and tells him to freeze. And the guy stops and is arrested. I like this story because I think it sums up Nick. We expect great things from him.”