Benowitz and Holliday re-elected to Bordentown Township Committee


Both Mayor Steve Benowitz and Deputy Mayor Eric Holliday are officially back for another term on the Bordentown Township Committee.

The 2021 general election results were certified by Burlington County officials on Nov. 16, leading the way to Benowitz and Holliday being reelected over Republican candidates Nicholas DeAngelo and Robert Delaney to the Township Committee.

Benowitz and Holliday each received 26% of the vote with Benowitz being the top vote-getter with 2,158 votes. Holliday tallied 2,123 total votes.

This will be Benowitz’s fifth term on the committee, and he said he’s just as excited as when he was elected to his first term 42 years ago.

“It’s a labor of love,” Benowitz told about being re-elected to the Bordentown Township Committee. “I love giving back to the town. This is a great place to live in. I’m very excited to be back on the committee.”

Benowitz has been a resident of Bordentown since 1969 and is a retired school administrator. He has been the mayor for the last four years.

This will be a third straight term on the committee for Holliday, who was a sergeant at the New Jersey Department of Corrections for 25 years and is currently an emergency management specialist for New Jersey Transit.

A 21-year resident of Bordentown, Holliday is also excited to get back to work on the committee and continue the progress they have made over the past six years, Jen said.

“We’ve done a lot of good things during the first two terms,” he said. “I’m looking forward to speaking with all the residents and working with the committee to get more stuff done.”

The biggest goal for Benowitz and Holliday in their next term on the committee is continuing the financial stability that they have brought to the township by keeping the municipal tax rate flat over the last nine years.

That goes along with keeping up the Bordentown Road Program that Benowitz helped develop in 2014. The Road Program has fixed over 40 roads in the township so far.

The township is currently in the process of improving the intersection between Farnsworth Avenue and Route 130 with a new connector road between Dunns Mill Road and Rising Sun Road to help with traffic flow.

All the improvements being made to the intersection will come with a CVS Pharmacy building being built at the corner of Route 130 North and Farnsworth Avenue. Construction of the CVS Pharmacy began on Nov. 13.

Another future project in the works is upgrading the old ShopRite on Route 206 into a “world class” supermarket, Benowitz said.

In addition to that, Benowitz said the goal of the committee is to build a big shopping center in the community for residents. Improving highway safety measures and bringing in more businesses on Route 130 are other items on the agenda.

Based on the township’s Master Plan, Holliday said the committee is “pretty much done” with adding any warehouses in town and will focus on commercial highways development by bringing in more small businesses.

“There is still a lot of work to do,” said Benowitz. “We want to make the town comfortable for the residents and make the quality of life better.”

On the recreational side of the community, Benowitz eyes to make use of the 72-acre property that Bordentown recently purchased that was originally planned to be a part of the Bordentown Waterfront Development project.

Bordentown recently made upgrades to the fields at Joe Lawrence Park and built a new Little League field at Northern Community Park.

The township also built four new soccer fields for the youth soccer programs like the Bordentown Community Soccer Association to have access to instead of having to travel to nearby Chesterfield Township to use their facilities.

Benowitz said those four fields should be opened soon to the public and that five more soccer fields are in the works to be built as well over the next two to three years.

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