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Matawan acts to comply with affordable housing requirements

MATAWAN – The members of the Matawan Borough Council have passed a resolution that will secure the borough’s third round of affordable housing compliance.

During a meeting on Feb. 1, the governing body confirmed Matawan has met, and will continue to meet, its affordable housing obligations.

Ron Gordon, who is the borough’s affordable housing attorney, explained that the resolution also provides Matawan with flexibility regarding future developments.

In a statement provided to the Independent, Gordon said, “The declaratory judgment action will secure the court’s confirmation that Matawan has met its affordable housing obligations and has a plan in place to continue to meet those obligations.

“This would benefit the borough by providing immediate immunity from builder’s remedy lawsuits and by laying out a roadmap for development within the borough over the next several years.

“Matawan will maintain control over determinations regarding housing density and development, and continued satisfaction of its affordable housing obligation.

“Initiating a declaratory judgment action also protects the borough’s right to oppose developments that are not in the best interest of its residents.

“Although there is obviously a cost associated with developing the plan and advocating for its approval before the court, the benefits of maintaining control of the future development of the borough with the court’s approval outweigh those costs,” Gordon said.

In New Jersey, affordable housing is defined as housing that is sold or rented to individuals and families whose income meets certain financial guidelines.

New Jersey municipalities are under court order to provide opportunities for the development of affordable housing within their borders.

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