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Diplomatic solution in Russia-Ukraine war would ‘save lives, de-escalate nuclear saber rattling’

Vladimir Putin’s recent nuclear saber rattling is profoundly reckless. At the start of his aggressive war against Ukraine, he already made a huge miscalculation that Ukraine would be quickly conquered. Now there is a real and growing danger of an even worse miscalculation.

Russia has had a bizarre, high-risk nuclear policy for some time. They believe that if they were in danger of losing a war and used a so-called tactical nuclear weapon (as powerful as the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki) on the battlefield, that any opponents would retreat in fear of triggering a larger nuclear war that could threaten global annihilation.

Recently, the leaders of Turkey and France offered themselves as mediators; and China and India distanced themselves from Putin’s war. Just as a global coalition was assembled to support Ukraine in defending itself from Russian aggression, these along with the U.S. and Europe should urgently press for a diplomatic solution.

This would not only save many thousands of lives, but it would also de-escalate the nuclear saber rattling and move the world back from the very real danger of nuclear war. Readers wanting to learn more, and/or to support such a diplomatic surge, are invited to visit peacecoalition.org.

Rev. Robert Moore 

Executive Director of the Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action

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