Diplomatic solution in Russia-Ukraine war would ‘save lives, de-escalate nuclear saber rattling’

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Vladimir Putin’s recent nuclear saber rattling is profoundly reckless. At the start of his aggressive war against Ukraine, he already made a huge miscalculation that Ukraine would be quickly conquered. Now there is a real and growing danger of an even worse miscalculation.

Russia has had a bizarre, high-risk nuclear policy for some time. They believe that if they were in danger of losing a war and used a so-called tactical nuclear weapon (as powerful as the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki) on the battlefield, that any opponents would retreat in fear of triggering a larger nuclear war that could threaten global annihilation.

Recently, the leaders of Turkey and France offered themselves as mediators; and China and India distanced themselves from Putin’s war. Just as a global coalition was assembled to support Ukraine in defending itself from Russian aggression, these along with the U.S. and Europe should urgently press for a diplomatic solution.

This would not only save many thousands of lives, but it would also de-escalate the nuclear saber rattling and move the world back from the very real danger of nuclear war. Readers wanting to learn more, and/or to support such a diplomatic surge, are invited to visit peacecoalition.org.

Rev. Robert Moore 

Executive Director of the Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action