Jersey Meds secures Pennington’s only cannabis retail license

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Jersey Meds will operate at the Pennington Square Shopping Center

Pennington’s only local cannabis retail license has been awarded to Jersey Meds Management LLC for the sale of adult-use recreational cannabis products in the borough.

The Pennington Council unanimously approved a resolution for the retail license within the Pennington Square Shopping Center on 7 Route 31 North on June 5.

“[Jersey Meds Management] meets all the criteria in our ordinance and has received Planning Board approval,” Borough Attorney Walter Bliss said.

Jersey Meds currently has a state conditional license pending receipt of a permanent or annual license, which has not been issued yet.

“…Jersey Meds Management, LLC will not be authorized to open until it actual receives the license,” Bliss said.

The conditional licenses are temporary licenses issued by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission that do not authorize businesses to sell or possess cannabis in municipalities until those businesses apply to convert to an annual license.

Alan Fox, attorney for Jersey Meds at Capehart Scatchard P.A., Trenton, said they submitted an application to convert their conditional license to the state for an annual license in February.

“We have given them everything that they have requested,” he said. “We are just waiting for them to issue the final approval, which can come down at any time. We do not know exactly when. We are working on the fit out of the space. It is coming along pretty good.”

Jersey Meds seeks to have the space prepared by July and hope to have the state license by the end of June or in July. The company eyes an official opening of the store sometime in July.

The store’s location is in the borough’s BH Business-Highway Zoning District, which is one of two zones the Pennington Council allowed for cannabis retail when they adopted their cannabis ordinance two years ago.

The other zone to allow cannabis retail is the borough’s OB Office Business Zone.

In December 2022, Jersey Meds received the Pennington Planning Board’s approval for their cannabis retail store.

According to the resolution, the Planning Board found that Jersey Meds complied with all the conditional use requirements the Pennington Council established and adopted in its ordinance.

The board cited that there is sufficient parking for the store at the shopping center and an online ordering system created by Jersey Meds for cannabis products would help with congested peak times during the day with set pickup times.

In addition, off-duty officers arranged by the company will assist with control of traffic and customers when the store officially opens for business.

Bliss said if issues arise with parking at the shopping center, they will address the issues. The Planning Board was satisfied that the capacity of the lot was sufficient, he said.