‘Stop encroaching’


Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply has allegedly been extending operation onto township-owned land for a year

Lawrence Township officials have filed a lawsuit against the owners of Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply Inc. for continuously encroaching on township-owned land on Cherry Tree Lane.

The lawsuit was filed in Mercer County Superior Court May 19. It seeks to have Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply remove its business products, equipment and personal property from the township-owned land.

Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply is located at 625 Cherry Tree Lane. The township land is adjacent to the company’s property.

At some point after Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply acquired the property at 625 Cherry Tree Lane in 2003, the company extended its operations onto the township-owned land “without the consent or authority and against the will of the plaintiff (Lawrence Township),” according to the one-count lawsuit.

“The effect of the defendant’s (Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply) conduct has been to prevent the plaintiff’s (Lawrence Township) use of a portion of its property, resulting in the complete exclusion” of the township from its land, the lawsuit states.

Several Lawrence Township residents approached the Lawrence Township Council to voice their concerns about the intrusion onto township-owned land by the company in July 2022.

Lawrence Township officials notified Trenton Block & Hardscape Supply on Aug. 30, 2022 that it must remove its products and equipment from the township-owned land within 30 days.

The company allegedly did not comply and has continued to store its products and equipment on township property, according to the lawsuit. It has also failed to restore the property to its former condition.